Behind the artist

Im a Swedish contemporary artist living on the westcoast north of Gothenburg.

I have always been creative and expressed myself in different ways over the years.

As a child I drew lots of horses and faces and doodled whatever reflected my imagination.

Growing up, I studied different things, but I always came back to design, such as webdesign, gardendesign and now also graphic design.

In the 90's,
I started painting with oil paints, but it didn't suit my impatient nature to wait several days or weeks for it to dry before I could continue. So I lost interest in painting for a long time and It took me many years to get back but this time with acrylics, which I realized was the perfect medium for me.

Now I continue drawing and painting faces, feel like I've rediscovered my creative energy!

Thank you for being here.

All love to you!